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CMKAP 2023 is the sixth year of the amateur karting competition. The competition is open to all amateur and professional drivers (drivers with a professional racing license). Children can only participate in the competition if they have a lap time under 54 seconds. The competition has a total of six races during 2023 and the capacity of each race is a maximum of 50 riders. The organizer reserves the right to change the dates of individual races.



Children can only participate in the competition if they have a lap time under 54 seconds. A person under 15 years of age may only participate in the race if accompanied by a family member over 18 years of age.





CHILDREN - up to 15 years old, small karts, no weighting

JUNIOR - up to 18 years, large karts, no weighting

ADULTS – over 18 years of age, large karts, weighting up to 85 KG without exceptions


Riders are divided into groups according to the fastest time achieved in the CMK. 

Each group will complete three 6-minute qualifying sessions. The best time from each qualifying session counts. The worst result is crossed off, the other two results are averaged. Riders qualify within their categories for the final race. The finals are 15 laps with a fixed start.

A total of six races are again scheduled in 2023. However, only five of them will count towards the final total of all points scored (the race with the lowest score will be deleted).


In case of more riders in the category we will go to the final B, C ...


Each final is announced separately


Weighting (adult category only)

In 2023 the competitions will be held by the weightlifting system with a weight limit of 85 kg. The rider must maintain a minimum weight of 85 kg with zero tolerance (i.e., including riding gear) during each ride. If the driver's body weight and equipment is lower, he/she must bring the kart up to the prescribed weight of 85 kg using weights. The maximum weight of the kart is 30 kg. In the case of failure to comply with the minimum weight, a penalty of 5 seconds from the ride will follow. If the rider does not weight at least 55 Kg, he/she must find an alternative method of weighting. 



The race organizer reserves the right to modify the track in the CMK arena during individual races.




Each individual earns ranking points if he/she finishes in 30th place in a single race. 

1st place = 30 points, 30th place = 1 point. The best riders of the season will be announced after the 6th final race in December. Current Rankings:




You can register for the race in person at the CMK reception, on the website and in the CMKarting mobile app.




The entry fee is 2 000 CZK per person and per race. The entry fee includes the complete race organization including the race itself, race moderation, hostesses, banquet, cups, trophies, medals, draw for a discount for the next race and other prizes.



The entry fee also includes refreshments in the form of a buffet. If anyone from the competitor's entourage is interested in refreshments, it is possible for a fee of 300 CZK, which is paid on the spot at the registration of competitors.




Each participant will get a discount on rides worth 50 CZK / ride, without limitation of number. The discount is valid from the next day after the races. Every participant of the races is automatically entered into the draw for the entry fee discount for future races.




The whole competition is governed by the conditions of the organizer and the general rules of CMK. If a competitor violates these rules, he/she may be excluded from the entire competition. 

A person under 15 years of age may only participate in the competition if accompanied by a family member over 18 years of age.

By registering for the competition, each participant agrees to the terms and conditions of the competition and to the rules of the CMK arena.

By registering, the participant also agrees that we may contact them using the details provided. Under no circumstances contact details won’t be passed on to any third party.



Each race starts at 18:00pm. 

  1. Race: 27.2.2023
  2. Race: 24.4.2023
  3. Race: 19.6.2023
  4. Race: 11.9.2023
  5. Race: 6.11.2023

Race - FINALS: 11.12.2023


The announcement will take place on 11.12.2023 at the closing ceremony of the season.


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