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Go karts

On our track you will race in RIMO electro-motocars.

30 electric karts for adults

10 electric karts for children from 5 years old

2 double-seat electric karts

BENEFITS OF ELECTROMOTOCARS ZERO CO and CO2 EMISSIONS !!! Emissions from combustion engines are mostly carcinogenic.

The operation of electro-motocars is absolutely clean, without odour and fumes. COMPLETELY QUIET



Electric karts do not need expensive and costly exhaust systems with catalytic converters, which on the contrary are a necessity for conventional karts. ONE BODY COVER A highly durable piece of fairing completely covers all mechanical components, ensuring your high safety. In fuel powered karts, the driver often burns his hands on the kart engine. Parts of clothing, scarf or hair can get caught in the gearbox or rear axle. The fuel tank can detach in an accident and cause a fire or explosion right on the track. None of these problems can happen with electric karts. OVERHEAD PROTECTIVE COVER The protective cover is firmly attached to the anatomical rider's seat. Protective arches are mandatory for safety reasons, for example in the USA, and this measure is being developed within the EU. Conventional karts are easy to tip over because they are lighter and their weight is not evenly distributed. The consequences can then be serious. In electric go-karts, tipping over is virtually impossible because their weight of around 200 kg does not allow it. This weight is distributed evenly over all four wheels, as in a racing monoposto. DIFFERENTIAL Thanks to the differential on electric karts, this kind of fun has become available to the general public. With the differential, the steering is smooth and natural. You don't have to be a skilled driver. The kart is easy to handle by both children and women. TWO BRAKES Our karts have brakes with self-venting and self-regulating PUMP system with fluid. This kind of system slowly adjusts the brake mechanism according to how worn the brake pads are. The pedal is always in standby mode for perfect braking. REVERSE POSITIONING SEATS AND PEDALS REVERSE Our karts have reverse! So if you get into any trouble on the track, you can back out gracefully without the help of track staff or dangerously getting out of the kart. BOOST Like F1, our karts have a magic button that allows you to accelerate to maximum power for 5 seconds each lap. BRAKE LIGHT It lets you know when the kart in front of you is braking. And that's always useful :) FOUR-POINT SAFETY BELTS AUTOMATIC GAS OFF If you brake in our karts, you can't accelerate at the same time. This does not burn the brakes, break the disc or cause the brake fluid to overheat, thus reducing brake efficiency. MOTOR BRAKES In addition to the two rear disc brakes, the braking is supported by an electric motor. This starts when the accelerator pedal is released.



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