Caravan Metropol Karting arena is situated in former factory hall and thanks to its size offers multiple level racing full of adrenaline. 

Track is divided in three time sections and offers length of 690m. You will encounter many turns, ramps and technical parts which require increased awareness. It also offers straight lines allowing full acceleration. The specialty is banked turn with slant of 30° which will pump adrenaline into your veins. Above the track are LED displays informing drivers of their lap time. Timer also calculates your time in the individual sections and analyzes your overall driving allowing you to perfect your technique.

There can be up to 14 drivers on the track which has width of 6-8 meters. Racing takes place in nontraditional electric go karts with different adjustable mods including reverse and greater safety in comparison with standard go karts. However they can compete in their speed and characteristic engine noise, added by special sound effect.
The greatest advantage, inspired by Formula 1, is very interesting is the boost button accelerating the cart for 5 seconds but usable only once per lap. It is only up to you if you use it on pass maneuvers, exiting the turn or on the ramp. Your friends can always watch you and support you from the elevated terrace with restaurant situated directly above the track. The track profile is designed by Slovenian firm 360° KARTING. Detailed view can be seen in the 360° pictures here.


MO - FRI  12-23

    SA      10-23

    SU      10-22


Karting Caravan Metropol

Ringhofferova 1, Areál PSN (bývalá hala Siemens)
Praha 5, Zličín




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