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The Caravan Metropol Karting Arena is located in a former production hall, which thanks to its giant dimensions offers adrenaline-filled off-track racing. The track is divided into three timed sections and has a total length of 690 m. There are plenty of corners, overpasses and more technical parts requiring extra attention. On the straights, you can put the pedal to the metal. A special feature is a sharply banked 30° corner that will get your adrenaline pumping. LED light boards above the track inform you of the running time. In addition, the timing system will analyse your ride in three split sections to help you catch flies and become even more of a pro.

With an average track width of 6 - 8 metres, up to 10 riders can race on the track at any one time. Racing is done in unconventional electric karts with different adjustable modes, the advantages of which are built-in reverse gear, greater safety and comfort compared to conventional karts. However, they do not lack comparable speed and the classic sound of the engine, which is enhanced by a special sound effect.
The biggest advantage, however, inspired by Formula 1 cars, is the very interesting boost button, which has a 5-second acceleration function and can be used once per lap. It's up to you whether you use it for overtaking manoeuvres, when exiting a corner or on a hill.
For the perfect racing backdrop, your friends and acquaintances can watch and cheer you on to even better performances from the elevated terrace with a restaurant directly above the track.
The track profile was designed by the Slovenian company 360° KARTING, you can see it in detail in the 360° photos

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